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Aug. 23rd, 2006 | 06:40 pm
posted by: misticloudz in fall_winter2005

so i CD'd for the first time ever all night last night!! i ended up changing the nat bug in the middle of the night, because i've been trying to give her a bottle then cause she's not drinking much during the day. i ended up using a FB with a microfibre towel and 2 CB microterry diaper doublers, which wasn't completely soaked when i changed her, and then for the rest of the night i put 2 microfibre towels in a FB. when she woke up? it was COMPLETELY drenched. but no leaks! i was very very impressed.
yay! it worked!
and now i have to do laundry, since all my microfibre towels have been used. i really have to buy more of those... yay for CD'ing!!

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