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so i CD'd for the first time ever all night last night!! i ended up changing the nat bug in the middle of the night, because i've been trying to give her a bottle then cause she's not drinking much during the day. i ended up using a FB with a microfibre towel and 2 CB microterry diaper doublers, which wasn't completely soaked when i changed her, and then for the rest of the night i put 2 microfibre towels in a FB. when she woke up? it was COMPLETELY drenched. but no leaks! i was very very impressed.
yay! it worked!
and now i have to do laundry, since all my microfibre towels have been used. i really have to buy more of those... yay for CD'ing!!

Baby Talk

Lily has started adding a few words to her repatoire. Her first word was 'Hi'. I thought that was a strange first word until we went to visit family and I said "Lily can you say Hi?" without even thinking. I realized that I say that to her everytime we meet up with someone. lol I guess it's nice to know she listens to me! :)
Now she says 'Dah-Di' as well, we've questioned for a couple months if she has been saying 'mama' but she's always doing something at the time that makes me wonder. Usually eating or crying and holding her hands out for me to pick her up.

Oh top of this, she and I have long conversations that consist completely of gabber and smiles and giggles. It's heaven and I love it.

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Isabella Update

Once again it has been a while since i've posted. Isabella is finally started to crawl instead of getting up on her toes and hands to position herself to roll. She is able to sit herself up, feeding herself finger foods, her mastered the art of pulling herself up to a standing position. The first time she did that I nearly cried because it was her newest big milestone. However, when in the past I was able to lay her in the bed when it's bed time and let her fuss it out if she just won't go to sleep..I can't anymore. Last night she could barely hold her eyes open and wouldn't even eat. I put her in the crib, sat in my computer chair, looked over(within 45 secs) and she had already pulled herself up and held on to the side of the crib to walk down to this end of the crib. As soon as I looked over at her she bursts into laughter. This is how I wake up to her in the mornings, how I find her after her naps, and when it's time for bed, and she always seems so proud of herself, lol.
Also, since I don't use baby talk with her. She hasn't said mommy or daddy but you can tell she is always wanting to say something and works hard at it. Last night we were at the grocery store and showed Isabella a barrel of monkies(still her favorite thing in the world) asked her if she wanted a monkey and she said what we think to be monkey so clear, twice. Sure we say monkey quite often since it makes her smile and laugh so big..but does it have to be her first word? hah

We decided to check out this Mikes Merchandise store.. it's a store that has everything other stores and places don't carry anymore. They had TONS of brand new childrens books for .50 - 1.00. I bought nearly the entire disney collection for .75 a piece..and some books for infants for .50 a piece. I will be going back for more next payday.

Also, I never did get my 7m smiles by wire from JCPenney, so I asked about them when I picked up the pictures. The lady said that it didn't even show where the order was put in for them, yet it shows I paid. She gave me a # to call so that they can still get them to me and she also gave me all the extra pictures they order to try to get you to buy them for free. That was awesome.

Anyway, a post without pictures isn't a post at all, so here you go.. :)

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Name: Siouxsie
Age: 23
Married, single, in a relationship: Single
Location: UK

Babys Full Name : Winter Prudence
Male or Female : Female
D.O.B: 27th November 2005
Weight: At birth 8lb, now 19lb
Length: Never measured :(
Time Of Birth: 1:15am

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Fathers Day!

So Rigel got more of a Fathers Day weekend then an actual Fathers day, in fact most of Fathers Day itself we spent cleaning up the night before cooking spectacular and riding around in the nice weather in our car!!!

Anyway here are a million pics of the couple of days!!!!!

Arya and Rigel get soooo silly together!!!!!

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